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Using style guides to build better responsive websites

In the days before the mobile web took over, web designers slaved over PSDs for weeks then handed over 10-30 unique templates to a developer who went away and built them to pixel perfection. Not anymore.

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3 speedy tips to optimise your web images

Images are one of the biggest buzzkills for download speeds on the web. If your designer wants to use a carousel you’re potentially asking your customers to download several HUGE images and wait several seconds before they can interact with your site.

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New year, new look

Today, a mere 9 or so months after starting the design work, I’ve finally launched my new website redesign.

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There is a fold

‘There’s no fold! There’s no fold!’ cried the web designer. Well, I’ve got news for you pal: of course, there’s a fold.

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Bye bye one column article page

Like any self-respecting blogger, when I make a small realign to my blog’s design I feel I must make a big song and dance about it. So here goes…

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FOWD review

This Thursday I went to my first ever conference, Future of Web Design (FOWD) in London. I’m notoriously hard to please and I can get very annoyed when I’m told things I already know. Anyway, here’s what I thought of it… I liked it. Actually, I think I really liked it.

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Web agency Blue Flavor redesign website

Hugely popular web agency Blue Flavor, have this week released a redesign of their business website – It looks great but, it seems to be missing a couple of big things: 1: the company name in a prominent position and 2: a mini-description of what they do.

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Welcome to a world of yellow

No, you are not seeing things. Yes, I have redesigned and it is bright yellow.

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My name is Phil and I like to design websites

Contrary, to what the design of this website may suggest, I think I’m at the stage where I’m a pretty decent web designer but feeling as confident in my design abilities, as I do now is a relatively new thing.

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The value of front-end web development

Front-end web development (that is the writing of HTML,CSS and JavaScript) has been the talk of the town in the blogosphere this week. People have been complaining about Internet Explorer 8’s new rendering engine switching meta tag and people have also been discussing the merits of front-end web development and whether it is worthy of

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IE 8 passes the Acid Test

Hot on the heels from IE7, IE8 will be (probably) be available in 2008 – it will pass the Acid Test 2.

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BBC Beta testing a new design

Yesterday, via their blog, the BBC announced a beta testing of new BBC homepage design, so I checked it out and… I like it.

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Introducing ‘Dylan’, a new WordPress theme.

This past week, I have been working hard on creating a new generic WordPress theme to be released for free to the community. This theme is called Dylan.

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Email standards project

Have you tried to create a HTML email recently. It’s not easy.

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How not to write a web design CV/resume

Writing a CV (resume) for a web design job isn’t too dissimilar to writing a CV for any other job. So don’t try to be too clever. As my last function as Web Coordinator for JJB Sports, I was asked (along with a colleague) to find a new web designer. Some of the CVs I

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