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A freelancer’s guide to getting paid in 10 steps

As a freelancer, getting paid on time is absolutely crucial and yet, the attitude amongst some freelancers is that getting paid late (or not at all in some circumstances) is beyond their control. It isn’t. So how do you ensure you get paid on time, almost every time? Well, it’s not easy. I myself get

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The importance of expressing gratitude

In the very first proper web developer job I had, no-one ever said thank you to me. No ‘thanks’, ‘ta’ and certainly no ‘thank you’ from anyone… not one single person. And what a disheartening job that was.

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Anatomy of a dead-end lead

I run a small business, I get leads and often these don’t go anywhere. I’ve become adept at noticing warning signs from potential clients and know when a job won’t be worth pursuing.

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Roughly 9 years ago, a friend of a friend stopped me in the street and asked me to sign up to monthly donations to Shelter; so I did, it was only £3 (or £36 a year). However, I promised (to myself) that one day, when I wasn’t a student and actually earned some money, that

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Tracking leads

Last month (October 2011) I made a decision: I was going to start tracking business leads. The idea being that this would help me to see how business was doing in the future. Also I like looking at stats so it’s all win as far as I am concerned.

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New tools

One of things, I always said to myself as an employee, was that if I was ever the boss, everyone I employed would have top of the range equipment – and not have to struggle by on old machines and archaic software.

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Cash flow: the hidden killer for freelancers

I’ve been a full-time freelancer for over three years and in that time, I’ve changed from being quite shy about the topic of money and charging clients to being very upfront and realistic but, even now, one of the hardest concepts is cash flow management.

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Writing more information for new clients

Last week, after moaning about the deluge of emails I get from unqualified leads I decided to do something about it. So I’ve beefed up a section of my site with details for about web design for small business clients.

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A guide to recognising tyre kickers

This website does very well for the search term, ‘freelance web designer manchester’. This means I get more than my fair share of emails from people requesting quotes for projects whereby the people requesting the quote have never commissioned a website before and don’t know how much it should cost or what’s involved.

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Thoughts on unpaid internships

On Friday, I saw a job advert from a local web design agency that made me quite annoyed.

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The cost of conference attendance

Last week I attended the New Adventures conference in Nottingham, as every man and his dog has blogged about their experiences already, I thought I’d do something a bit different and detail how much it cost for me to attend. After all, a lot of people don’t go to these events due to the cost.

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Beauty in profit

If you’re reading this blog, you’re most likely a web designer/developer and you most likely enjoy your job too, but let’s not be shy because as much as we enjoy working in this industry we’re also trying to make a living.

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What web designers can learn from George Clarke

For those, who do not know, George Clarke is a highly successful British architect and he presents a TV show on channel 4 in the UK called, The Home Show. Although Clarke’s expertise is architecture and interior design, throughout the show he demonstrates some great techniques that easily cross over into web design.

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The fact that I spent Saturday morning on a course on the subject of tax with several other freelancers, says a lot about how much my life has changed recently. The fact that I found myself thoroughly enjoying it and feeling it was the best money I’d spent in a long time says a whole

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The Autopsy of a failed web app

It’s time to stop pretending; Cart45, the web app released in July 2008 was not the resounding success I or my employers had hoped for. This post, will undoubtedly burn some bridges, but I hope something can be learnt from it.

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