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Long bike rides, broken limbs and raising money for charity

On Sunday 20th July 2014, two of my friends completed l’Ètape du Tour in France riding 148Km in distance and climbing over 4,000m in some of the harshest weather conditions possible… and in the process, helped to raise over £1,100 for the charity Sparks.

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Harder Better Faster Stronger Review

Last night saw the inaugural `Harder Better Faster Stronger` event from Manchester Digital.

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Mediaburst nominated in 2011 Big Chip Awards

I’m delighted to announce that Mediaburst’s Florence project has been nominated for two Big Chip Awards in the Best Public Sector Project and Best Mobile Project categories.

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A new direction in typography

Even though I only redesigned this website a few months ago, something hasn’t felt right ever since… the choice of typeface. So I decided to finally do something about it

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iPad first impressions

One of things I was looking forward to in my recent US trip was being able to pick up an iPad (for a more reasonable price). I’ve now had the iPad for nearly two weeks and here’s what I think: in short, I love it.

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On a recent holiday (a road trip on the Californian coast) I decided to stop by Silicon Valley and try and soak up some of that start-up feeling.

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Speak the Web (Manchester) Review

Last night I attended the Manchester leg of the Speak the Web conference tour; here’s my review.

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Best of the web 2009

There have been some great blog posts written in 2009 and here are some of my favourites.

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FOWD 09 Review

Such was my enjoyment of Future of Web Design (FOWD) 2008 I decided to attend again this year. As I can tell you’re all on tenterhooks to hear what I thought, here’s my review:

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New adventures in Wi-fi (with Apple’s Airport Express)

After much deliberation about when and how to go wireless in our home, last week I finally took the plunge with a purchase of an Airport Express from Apple.

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RSS Feeds

This week, some good news regarding reading RSS feeds. FeedDemon (PC) and NetNewsWire (Mac) are now free.

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Inspired by a post called process over at The Watchmaker Project, I thought I’d share my general process of working and getting these pesky websites built.

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First impressions of freelance web development

For the last 7 months, I’ve been doing the occasional freelance web job as well as my full-time job and it’s been both enjoyable and stressful.

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3 great ways to improve GeekUp

GeekUp is a community of web industry professionals based in the North of England (Manchester, Liverpool & Leeds). It provides a job board and regular get-togethers which helps to get freelancers out of their houses once a month. I think GeekUp is awesome but I think it can be improved and here’s how:

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