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Digital agencies need a helping hand every now and again. Perhaps a rush of work has come in and all the deadlines are tight; Phil Thompson can help you to finish your project on time and within budget because that's what he does.

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Specialising in front-end development; Phil Thompson also has an understanding of design, UX and SEO. Clients such as LOVE, Code Computerlove, BuglerSmith, The Chase and many more agree.

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The joys of freelance

In the past few weeks, I’ve been offered a few different full-time jobs, all of which I’ve turned down… the reason being, that right now, I am enjoying freelance life too much. Long term readers (all three of you), may remember me moaning about freelance life a while back, so it’s about time I said […]

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Bright Sight

Bright Sight – Responsive and Parallax front-end for a new charity in collaboration with The Chase

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Code Computerlove
The Chase

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