BBC micro:bit

The Manchester-based agency Tangent approached me in 2015 with a tight deadline for a very big client – the BBC.

Tangent, merely needed the pages created for the new website, however I felt it was important to create a design system for the project so it would be easy to build many different templates.

As this project was created in a short period for a super tight deadline – it was redesigned very soon after launch. Thankfully some elements of the original design and original code still remain.

If you would like a demo of the micro:bit design system please get in touch.

Why go through this trouble?

I worked remotely for this project – so the only contact I had with the back-end developers and the designers would be through phone calls and email. I felt it was super important that they received files that they knew they could easily work with. I didn’t want them receiving templates that they would struggle to amend.

The BBC has a very strict set of UI guidelines called GEL. Iit was really important that these were followed. I wanted to make that as easy as possible for the back-end developers.


  • Work started and completed: May/June 2015
  • Project duration: ~100 hours



My role in the project: