New year, new look

Today, a mere 9 or so months after starting the design work, I’ve finally launched my new website redesign.

When I initially started work on the redesign, I got slightly frustrated with a few layout issues so I put it on the backburner and forgot all about it. However, last week, while lazing around over the Christmas holidays I decided it was time to bring the site up to date a little and I found the long lost PSD.

The design hasn’t changed that much. The font has changed from Georgia to Museo Slab and even though using @fontface to achieve this looks a little odd on Windows machines I figured it was worth the risk.

Future changes

I hope to tweak the site every now and again and improve the blog posts, and the contact form. I’ll definitely be looking at the copy as I don’t feel it is quite right yet.

A quick word about IE6

For the first time, on this site, I’ve put next to no time making this IE6 friendly. Of course, I’m taking a risk here as digital agencies hire me to make sites work in IE6, 7 & 8 so if my own site doesn’t work in IE6 then potentially I may lose some work but honestly I think my time is better spent.

What do you think?

I’d love to hear your comments on the new design? Do you like it or did you prefer the old design?

2 responses to “New year, new look”

  1. Museo Slab I like, Chrome on PC renders it ok, IE8 – ergh. But who’s on PCs anymore… oh, me… but what agencies are on PCs anymore, none!

    Would you consider a sans serif for the body text?

    I think you should trademark your shade of yellow.

    • Hello Ant

      I think you’d be surprised at how many digital agencies are still rocking Windows. In terms of font for the body copy. I did think about this – and considered Tahoma and Trebuchet MS but I preferred Museo Slab much, much more.