Making email newsletters more human

Every few months I receive an email newsletter from, nothing unusual about that except that the email is always addressed from ‘Rebecca at VisitScotland’.

VisitScotland email newsletter sent from Rebecca at Visit Scotland

Each time I receive this email, I feel incredibly guilty that I haven’t been to Scotland for a while. I feel bad for Rebecca taking the time to send me these emails and me not taking the time to visit her country as frequently as I should.

In reality, there is probably no Rebecca, and even if there is such a person in the Visit Scotland offices she certainly isn’t crafting 1000s of HTML email newsletters one by one, sending them out then spending the next few weeks peaking out over Hadrian’s Wall to see if my car passes by into Scotland – so it’s strange that I feel so guilty.

So what’s the point?

I think my point is that taking the time to make your marketing feel a bit more like it came from a real person makes a hell of a difference, you should stick to a marketing for small business, this page will tell you more about it.

p.s. I did visit Scotland last year, taking a trip on Loch Ness (and connected canals) in a rented boat with some friends; I can highly recommend it.

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