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UK Football websites deconstructed

For the most part football (Americans, read soccer) websites are some of the worst I’ve seen from professional organisations. The obvious reason for their appalling nature is that the people in charge have little knowledge of what makes a good information-based website. Certainly the web design agencies they hire seem to have no clue whatsoever.

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Dom Scripting by Jeremy Keith

In my time, I’ve read quite a few computing text books but this is undoubtedly my favourite.

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Welcome to <img /> is everything

This is a new blog, and it seems only fair to kick-off with a brief intro of what this site is about.

… is the new home of me, Phil Thompson. I’m a UK Web developer/designer living in Manchester and currently working in Wigan for JJB Sports.

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Usability Testing – the Examples

Yesterday, I briefly talked about the theory behind the testing I carried out for my degree project on CMS. Today I’ll mention the specific problems I found and how I counteracted them.

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