The fact that I spent Saturday morning on a course on the subject of tax with several other freelancers, says a lot about how much my life has changed recently. The fact that I found myself thoroughly enjoying it and feeling it was the best money I’d spent in a long time says a whole

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Reputation management

By far the biggest marketing tool you have as a freelancer is your reputation. So much so, that a good reputation can actually negate the need for any other marketing tools completely.

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FOWD 09 Review

Such was my enjoyment of Future of Web Design (FOWD) 2008 I decided to attend again this year. As I can tell you’re all on tenterhooks to hear what I thought, here’s my review:

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Learning to love the peaks & troughs of freelancing

The one aspect of freelancing, that in nine months, I’ve yet to enjoy are the quiet periods. However, this week, I’ve resolved to start embracing those peaks and troughs that come as standard with a freelance lifestyle.

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Big Chip Awards 2009 nomination

Last week I got the news I’d been waiting weeks for – I had been nominated for a 2009 Big Chip Award.

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How low is too low when it comes to wages?

Last week, I noticed a job listing on the GeekUp Job Board. The employers were looking for a freelance web editor with "excellent writing skills" but the wage was a mere £6.25 per hour.

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