Thoughts on unpaid internships

On Friday, I saw a job advert from a local web design agency that made me quite annoyed.

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The cost of conference attendance

Last week I attended the New Adventures conference in Nottingham, as every man and his dog has blogged about their experiences already, I thought I’d do something a bit different and detail how much it cost for me to attend. After all, a lot of people don’t go to these events due to the cost.

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Making email newsletters more human

Every few months I receive an email newsletter from, nothing unusual about that except that the email is always addressed from ‘Rebecca at VisitScotland’.

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New year, new look

Today, a mere 9 or so months after starting the design work, I’ve finally launched my new website redesign.

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iPad first impressions

One of things I was looking forward to in my recent US trip was being able to pick up an iPad (for a more reasonable price). I’ve now had the iPad for nearly two weeks and here’s what I think: in short, I love it.

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