Coming soon

It seems you can’t move for beautifully designed ‘Coming Soon’ pages for web apps on the interwebs these days – so for my latest project I’m getting in on this design trend.

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Back to school with guerilla training

This week I found myself back in the classroom learning how to make iPhone apps with some other developers.

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Beauty in profit

If you’re reading this blog, you’re most likely a web designer/developer and you most likely enjoy your job too, but let’s not be shy because as much as we enjoy working in this industry we’re also trying to make a living.

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What web designers can learn from George Clarke

For those, who do not know, George Clarke is a highly successful British architect and he presents a TV show on channel 4 in the UK called, The Home Show. Although Clarke’s expertise is architecture and interior design, throughout the show he demonstrates some great techniques that easily cross over into web design.

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The fact that I spent Saturday morning on a course on the subject of tax with several other freelancers, says a lot about how much my life has changed recently. The fact that I found myself thoroughly enjoying it and feeling it was the best money I’d spent in a long time says a whole

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