The Autopsy of a failed web app

It’s time to stop pretending; Cart45, the web app released in July 2008 was not the resounding success I or my employers had hoped for. This post, will undoubtedly burn some bridges, but I hope something can be learnt from it.

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Bye bye one column article page

Like any self-respecting blogger, when I make a small realign to my blog’s design I feel I must make a big song and dance about it. So here goes…

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The cost of burglary

Two weeks ago, I arrived home to find my home had been broken into and most of my computer equipment had been stolen.

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5 mistakes IT Recruitment consultants make

Like a lot of people I’ve met in this industry, I’ve yet to have a positive experience with an IT Recruitment consultant. What are these Recruitment consultants doing so wrong and why do we all seem to hate them so much?

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Self promotion Part 3: Blogging

In the final part of this mini-series on self-promotion I discuss blogging, its benefits and how it works for self-promotional purposes.

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