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Lessons learnt making a website pass Level AA WCAG 2.0

Accessibility is a tricky subject for web developers. I think most developers would say they: build accessible websites already or would like to in theory

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UK Football websites deconstructed

For the most part football (Americans, read soccer) websites are some of the worst I’ve seen from professional organisations. The obvious reason for their appalling nature is that the people in charge have little knowledge of what makes a good information-based website. Certainly the web design agencies they hire seem to have no clue whatsoever.

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Witnessing Screen Reader Usage First-Hand

This evening saw the 2nd meeting of Manchester Digital’s Accessibility Working Group, based at the National Library for the Blind in Bredbury, Stockport (UK). JAWS Demo Although, I’d seen a little bit of screen readers in the wild (I downloaded a trial of JAWS a while ago but, didn’t get very far) and studied their

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