WordPress 2.5 review

WordPress 2.5 is coming very soon. ‘So what.’ I hear you cry, ‘WordPress release new versions every other day!’. Well 2.5 is different, it’s actually good.

  • WordPress 2.5 Dashboard redesign
    WordPress 2.5 Write post screen
    WordPress 2.5 Image upload screenshot
Screenshots: Dashboard, Write post page, Image upload popup

A lick of paint

The first notable change is that WordPress looks better. WordPress has always been easy to use and has always had a good design but, now the newly redesigned 2.5 looks a lot cleaner and brighter. Happy Cog, one of the US’s biggest web agencies, are responsible for the redesign and it really shows.

The first screenshot, shows the new dashboard. It’s better – but honestly, I still can’t see myself making much use of it.


The new write/edit posts/pages form is a big improvement. Bigger, more obvious buttons for your most common tasks – Save and Publish.

Less frequently used features are hidden from view unless you need them using a bit of JavaScript show/hide.

Image/Media uploading/management

A real bug bear for me is the awkward nature of uploading images via WordPress. I’ve not used WordPress 2.5 extensively enough to know how easy/quicker it is to upload images but, it certainly seems to be moving the right direction.


As I mentioned in the earlier, WordPress has become a bit annoying with it’s constant updating (for me anyway). Personally, I can’t be bothered to update from version 2.2 to 2.3 because there’s a tiny security issue in a feature I don’t use, but with this update, I’m really impressed.

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