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Focussing on one service aka goodbye WordPress

Following on from last week’s post about working on-site more, another conscious decision I’ve made this year is to focus on front-end work and to do less WordPress jobs.

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WordPress plugins

WordPress, is my CMS of choice for nearly all web projects (where I have a say) and over the years I’ve got to the point where I’ve written some pretty useful and generic plugins for those projects.

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Removing typographic widows in WordPress page titles

A widow in typography is the one lowly word that gets displayed on a line of its own within a heading. Typographers and designers often go nuts when they see the main headings on a website have widows so here’s an easy fix to appease them:

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WordPress 2.5 review

WordPress 2.5 is coming very soon. ‘So what.’ I hear you cry, ‘WordPress release new versions every other day!’. Well 2.5 is different, it’s actually good.

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Introducing ‘Dylan’, a new WordPress theme.

This past week, I have been working hard on creating a new generic WordPress theme to be released for free to the community. This theme is called Dylan.

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