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Web agency Blue Flavor redesign website

Hugely popular web agency Blue Flavor, have this week released a redesign of their business website – blueflavor.com. It looks great but, it seems to be missing a couple of big things: 1: the company name in a prominent position and 2: a mini-description of what they do.

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WordPress 2.5 review

WordPress 2.5 is coming very soon. ‘So what.’ I hear you cry, ‘WordPress release new versions every other day!’. Well 2.5 is different, it’s actually good.

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BBC Beta testing a new design

Yesterday, via their blog, the BBC announced a beta testing of new BBC homepage design, so I checked it out and… I like it.

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visitmanchester.com – great idea, poor website

I live in Manchester, and I absolutely love it. I think it’s so great that loads of people should come and visit to see the city’s sights. So why does Manchester’s new tourism website visitmanchester.com not impress me in the slightest?

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John Lewis – great fluid design pity about the tables

This week I discovered the John Lewis website and I must say it has mightily impressed me. The only thing that troubles me is the HTML/Javascript code lying beneath. Admittedly, isn’t as awful as some (we’ve all seen worse) it isn’t as forward thinking as the website would suggest. A quick View Source reveals the

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UK Football websites deconstructed

For the most part football (Americans, read soccer) websites are some of the worst I’ve seen from professional organisations. The obvious reason for their appalling nature is that the people in charge have little knowledge of what makes a good information-based website. Certainly the web design agencies they hire seem to have no clue whatsoever.

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