A new job, a new era

On Wednesday (31st October 2007) I worked my last day at Ichameleon Ltd and on Monday morning I started a new job for Aspiration Media. Although I enjoyed working for, and with, everyone at Ichameleon, my move to Aspiration marks an important step in my career as a web developer.

Changes afoot

This will be my third job since graduating in June 2005 and each job I’ve taken has increased my take home pay and has improved my lifestyle and this job is no different. This new role brings a big lifestyle change, the lifestyle of a homeworker -is that a word? This means that, this job feels more like a freelance gig than a proper full-time role which is mostly positive. At some point in my career, I want to either, run my own agency or my own online business and in order to do this, I will have to learn to motivate myself effectively. Working from home, but with all the security of a salary allows me to get to grips with the working lifestyle of a self-employed person without any of the associated risks.

The work I’ll be doing

This role sees me leaving behind the web agency model. Here at Aspiration Media, my clients will be my boss(es) and I’ll be creating their ideas. I am very excited about that prospect because I felt that the agency model did not give me a full chance to care for and develop websites fully over their lifespan. Now I’ll create websites, see how they work and hopefully be around to implement changes that improve the success of those sites.


Since leaving JJB Sports in October 2006, I’ve missed e-commerce terribly. The thrill of seeing sales figures going up or down based upon what I was doing to the website was fantastic. Making changes and seeing profits increase before my eyes was a great feeling and in my new role I’ll be able to see the websites I create making money.


Its disappointing to have left Ichameleon, but this was an opportunity I could not miss.

2 responses to “A new job, a new era”

  1. Looks like your going to have the job we all want working from home but with a salary. Good look in your new job.