WordPress plugins

WordPress, is my CMS of choice for nearly all web projects (where I have a say) and over the years I’ve got to the point where I’ve written some pretty useful and generic plugins for those projects.

It’s high time, those plugins are released to the public and here’s a start with these two:

  1. IMG Custom Post Types
  2. IMG Dead Simple Contact Form

To be honest, while I am interested in the fact that other developers may find these useful I am more interested in the fact that having these plugins available via the official WordPress plugin repository means that if I find a bug and have to fix it then updating the plugin across all my sites is now case of clicking a button and not a copy, paste and FTP job. So it will save me a lot of time.

Submitting the plugins are been a learning curve – e.g. finding out how to format the readme.txt files so the right information is displayed was interesting and I’m sure I’ll get a few support queries and bug reports if these plugins start to gain any level of popularity.

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