Code Computerlove

Throughout 2013, Phil Thompson was hired numerous times by Code Computerlove. Projects included large-scale Front-end website builds for Umbraco sites; WordPress microsites; Retrofitting of desktop websites for mobile including complex forms, and interaction.

Code Computerlove are often cited as one of the UK’s top 100 digital agencies list by econsultancy; they were voted 86th in 2014.

Working with Code was a very interesting experience for Phil. They are a medium-large sized agency (One of the biggest in Manchester) at around 80 permanent staff – and are split up into three separate teams each with their own assembly of Project Managers, Front-end Devs, (Junior and Senior) Back-end devs, UX consultants, Designers and testers.

Phil worked across all three different teams and for one project (whcih lasted 2-3 months) he worked in a specially created ‘project team’ where he assumed the role of Front-end lead on a sizeable website build.


Initially hired for a week-long responsive mobile retrofitting of an existing website for a large client; Phil was then re-hired for numerous projects from January 2013 to September 2013 becoming one of Code Computerlove’s first choice Front-end freelancers during this time period.



Code Computerlove

My role in the project: