Relocation to London

A year ago along with my partner, I relocated from Manchester to Cheltenham and sought freelance work on-site at agencies in the South West and West Midlands. This plan went very well (if I do say so myself) and I ended up meeting some amazing people and working at some great agencies like CX Partners and e3 in Bristol, and 383 Project in Birmingham.

However, after a year, my partner’s work contract came to an end. So we decided to start a new adventure and move to London and I will be starting all over again by targeting work with London agencies and start-ups.

Why London?

Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and many other UK cities have flourishing agency scenes with an abundance of front-end work for freelancers but they have less freelance opportunities inside bigger companies and/or smaller start-ups whereas London offers opportunities in all types of organisations. Something which is very exciting.

Similarly to when I first moved to the South West, the first month or two of this move will be spent making new connections, going out and meeting people and trying to prove my skills to people I’ve never met before – whilst doing remote jobs for existing clients and trying to find a nice deskspace.

If you’re a front-end developer in London (or looking to hire one) please say hello via twitter @imgiseverything.

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