New office in Hackney

This week I have moved into a new office in Hackney. I have become part of the WeWork network and have taken on a dedicated desk in their new offices in London Fields, Hackney.

How come?

After working in a couple of different client’s offices for the past 10 months, I am happy to be back in my own space, setting my own hours, surrounded by other freelancers of other disciplines. I’ve done working from home before and it’s a great way to save money but for me, doing it long-term can make me feel very lonely.

A desk in a shared office is a great solution to loneliness – without the downsides of it being too expensive. I have also found in the past that by having your own desk/office, people are more likely to a: take you more seriosusly and b: let you work from there instead of working under their nose in their offices.

The reception At WeWork’s London Fields offices
One of the communal spaces at WeWork
WeWork’s roof terrace. Taken on a cloudy day – sorry!

Why WeWork?

Whilst I was working in Holborn I visited a friend’s office which so happened to be a WeWork place and I thought this feels like a pretty good environment to work and meet clients. So when my last contract came to an end and I picked up a short contract with a US digital agency I decided I needed an office and I’d check out what was available. Then I saw WeWork had opened a new space a little closer to my home (it’s a 20 minute bike ride which avoids me have to cycle through central London) in Hackney so I decided to pick up a dedicated desk there.

I’ve been here for a week now and I am surrounded by other freelancers including journalists, architects, and translators to name but a few different jobs other people are doing here. There’s free tea and coffee – which makes a change from the last client’s offices where nothing was provided (for fear of them breaking IR35 rules) and there was constant milk-thievery from the fridge.

If you fancy checking out a WeWork office space – here is a referral link.

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