LOVE. hired Phil to work on a responsive build for a major drinks brand in February and March 2014.


LOVE. were keen to get Phil in at the early stage of the project where he worked closely with Lead Designer Kyle Fyffe and Creative UX Strategist Graeme Rutherford to prototype their ideas into working HTML/CSS quickly allowing them to see which of their ideas worked and which didn’t without having to go through rounds and rounds of Photoshop revisions.

“For the Pimm’s project, we got Phil in nice and early in the process. He fitted in really well to our responsive UX and design workflow, creating some really quick and useful pattern libraries for us to iterate on through the development of the project.”
Graeme Rutherford, Creative UX Strategist, LOVE Creative (now freelance)

Phil’s work was vital during the design/prototyping phase of the project. Working together we were able to quickly test design concepts which formed the building blocks of the new site.
Kyle Fyffe, Lead Digital Designer, LOVE Creative (now freelance)

However, what should have been a  straightforward responsive HTML/CSS build turned out to be quite complicated as the end-client changed their minds numerous times leading to numerous builds and rebuilds.

SASS, BEM and modular design

This was the first real project where Phil used a fully modular approach – something he’d learned at Code the previous year. Instead of writing CSS template by template; the CSS was written module by module using BEM naming conventions and SASS to turn it into CSS. This meant the effect of those numerous changes requested by the end-client were minimised.

Key stats:

  • Work started: January 2014
  • Project duration: 32 days* (From late January to mid April)
  • Website URL: Not yet live

* As the project stretched Phil unfortunately had to move onto other bookings so this project was completed by another freelancer.



My role in the project: