Why I drive 35 miles every day to make websites

Whenever I tell somebody in Manchester that I work in Wigan, they can’t fathom it. They think it’s such a long way to go to work everyday (despite the fact that many people make the reverse trip).

For me, the task of designing websites and building them is really enjoyable so being given the opportunity to do exactly that for a big company is a no-brainer.

The other reason, is that I wanted to prove to the world that designing websites in the correct manner: accessible, usable, conforming to web standards was the way forward and that by designing sites this way the company behind the sites wouldn’t lose any sales.

The passion

I must admit, I have a real passion for web design and the buzz of building websites that thousands of people a day see is fantastic. Before going to the JJB interview I said to myself, this job will have to be something really special for me to go through the driving rigmarole everyday – especially because I despise driving. After the interview I was convinced that if JJB wanted me I would be unable to turn the job down.

At work there isn’t really anyone above me in terms of web design. Yes, there’s an Internet Manager and I report to the Marketing Director but to a certain extent I can implement most of my ideas without anyone asking me why I’m doing that, or whether or not it’s worth it.

Addicted to web design?

I love web design a little too much and I think I might be addicted. Like most web designers I can’t stop looking at web stats and I’m constantly checking how changes I’ve made are doing even in the evenings, weekends and when I’m on holiday. My brain is constantly switched on so I’ll get an idea on a Sunday afternoon and I can’t help but start playing around with it and I find it extremely different to get to the end of a textbook without experimenting with the technical ideas discussed it and going off on a tangent.


So that’s why I do it, now it’s your turn. Why do you like web design?

5 responses to “Why I drive 35 miles every day to make websites”

  1. 35 miles? – phshhh. I drive 65 miles to work to make websites. I think I need my head checked though.
    But yeah, if I didn’t like the job there is no way I do the commute either.

  2. My situation is almost identical. I drive 42 miles a day t make websites in a web developer job which I’m realizing is quite low paid.

    The company is in a state of growth however and there’s reason to believe salary increases will come to me in the future.

    I still have to pay £200 a month on petrol… damn.

  3. Adam, I’m no longer at the job mentioned in this article because expected (and promised) salary increases didn’t happen.

    If you are sure a rise is on the cards then stick with it but there are lots of jobs out there that are interesting, and well paid.

  4. Well most of us probably make websites from our home. In fact as i go to different business networks and speak to web design companies that will change the world, i then find out most work from home.

    Why? Because you can in this industry and for me, unless it was a Ferrari sitting on my drive, I cant think of anything worse than the 9 to 5 drive to work. (within reason of course)

  5. Ive got a interview today with trisys as a junior web developer, im a bit scared as i only have expereience of web design that i have learned myself. i did a bit at uni but i didnt finish my degree due to family commitments, and it was only basic stuff i had already learned myself.

    Any help on interview questions?