Welcome to <img /> is everything

Welcome to a new blog, img is everything. This is the personal website of me, UK web designer/developer Phil Thompson. Currently, I live in Manchester and work in Wigan for JJB Sports, doing all the sorts of tasks I’ll hopefully be preaching about on this website.

The previous incarnation of a Phil Thompson blog existed at www.doubleonegative.com, where I blogged from June 2004 to November 2005. That blog’s purpose was to document my rise from lowly student to a fully-fledged Web Designer, as that process seems to have bloomed it’s necessary to move the blog away from that location to here.

Almost immediately after setting up double o negative, I regretted it, the domain name was simply confusing to people and gathered perplexed looks when I gave out my email address. Note to self, don’t use a 0 or o in a domain unless you are forced at knifepoint. I’d also stuck the blog portion in a subfolder meaning that I had a home-page with no real purpose.

With this new blog I have a hilarious web-pun domain name a good design and wordpress which in comparison to textpattern (my previous blog-tool of choice) is out of this world, so here’s to some good writing.

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