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There is a fold

‘There’s no fold! There’s no fold!’ cried the web designer. Well, I’ve got news for you pal: of course, there’s a fold.

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Coming soon

It seems you can’t move for beautifully designed ‘Coming Soon’ pages for web apps on the interwebs these days – so for my latest project I’m getting in on this design trend.

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Bye bye one column article page

Like any self-respecting blogger, when I make a small realign to my blog’s design I feel I must make a big song and dance about it. So here goes…

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Web agency Blue Flavor redesign website

Hugely popular web agency Blue Flavor, have this week released a redesign of their business website – blueflavor.com. It looks great but, it seems to be missing a couple of big things: 1: the company name in a prominent position and 2: a mini-description of what they do.

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My name is Phil and I like to design websites

Contrary, to what the design of this website may suggest, I think I’m at the stage where I’m a pretty decent web designer but feeling as confident in my design abilities, as I do now is a relatively new thing.

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BBC Beta testing a new design

Yesterday, via their blog, the BBC announced a beta testing of new BBC homepage design, so I checked it out and… I like it.

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