Relocation to the South-West (Part 1)

This August, after 13 years living in Manchester, I’ll be moving to the South-West.

For (nearly) 6 of those 13 years I’ve been a full-time freelance front-end developer focussing mainly on in-house work at Manchester agencies – with the odd New York agency thrown in for good measure. So it’s an exciting time to move to a new area.

Why the South-West?

My partner has been offered a job in Gloucester so the initial idea is that we’ll move to Cheltenham because of its close proximity to Gloucester for her and its rail links to Bristol and Birmingham for me.


At this stage, I haven’t exactly decided what I’ll do; but my options include:

  • keeping my Manchester agency clients, but work remotely;
  • freelancing in-house at Bristol or Birmingham agencies;
  • or if the right opportunity arises maybe it’s time for a ‘proper’ job again.

After six years of freelancing, I certainly feel like I’ve made a good job of it and while I don’t feel any rush to leave it behind I’m not completely opposed to a full-time role any more either. If anything, a full-time role might make it easier to meet new people/make friends when I move – but we’ll see.

If anyone reading this has any contacts or interesting job leads in the South-West that they’d like to pass on please feel free email me or tweet me.

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