Professional Search Engine Optimization with PHP book review

Last month, I acquired a copy of Professional Search Engine Optimization with PHP: A developer’s guide to SEO and set about reading it. I expected not to be shown too much information that I didn’t already know but, I did expect this book to be a timely catchup and a good resource.

… and that’s exactly what it was.

I already have a healthy interest in SEO, so I know most of the basics but I know alot of developers who don’t. People who don’t know that clean URLs are the way forward and certainly don’t know how to implement them.

I think SEO is something that completely overlooked by most people when learning web development/design but it plays a vital role in the real world.


This book serves as a great intro to SEO for PHP developers at all levels, especially new/prospective web developers.

Get a free PDF chapter of this book from the one of the authors’ website.

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