New Office

Two weeks ago, myself and my office mates moved into our new office at 23 New Mount Street (View Google Map).

The new office is at 23 New Mount Street

The reason for the move was that the old office based in Ardwick, Manchester (near the Apollo) was just a little bit too far away from the Manchester city centre and personally I felt I was missing out on the buzz of the city by not being that close to it. With this new office I am only a 5 minute walk from the centre and 5 minutes from the Northern Quarter where a lot of digital agencies (my clients) are based. The old office was 10 minute walk to Piccadily train station but that walk heavily featured the unsavoury sights of Manchester’s red light district and was not very pleasant at all.

It’s almost exactly a year since I decided to get office space and I’m very happy with the results and while this new office is a little smaller than the previous one and missing some of its luxuries (like a kitchen and a water cooler) – the location more than makes up for it.

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