Writing more information for new clients

Last week, after moaning about the deluge of emails I get from unqualified leads I decided to do something about it. So I’ve beefed up a section of my site with details for about web design for small business clients.

This section is a long time coming for me, and it is my attempt to stop myself writing and rewriting the same email to prospective clients explaining how my process works, how much things cost why they need to give me more details in order for me to cost and plan their project. My aim is for my direct clients – since moving into office space, I have found myself gaining more and more direct client work and less digital agency work recently – to find the process of working with me to be as smooth and painless as possible especially if they’re new to web development and/or have had very little experience in working with web developers before me.

Going forwards

This section will hopefully be constantly evolving and right now I’m not 100% sure if the tone of voice I’ve used is wholly suitable, I guess I’ll wait to see some feedback from clients (both current and prospective) as to whether I’ve got this correct or not.

3 responses to “Writing more information for new clients”

  1. I think you’ve nailed it – that’s a fantastic idea, and your tone is absolutely fine, but you might want to check it for spelling & grammar again :)

  2. Agreed with Andrew – definitely a valuable resource for prospective clients. But this bit “This can include basic search engine optimisation and very basic copywriting if require (…)”, I would spellcheck asap ;)

  3. As both Andrew and Jurgen have pointed out, the section definitely needs some spellchecking.

    Is it ironic that the section where I explain that a client needs to hire a specialist copywriter is littered with typos – or just laziness?