So… how’s your JavaScript?

The number one question recruiters seem to be asking me these days is ‘How’s your JavaScript?‘ A question for which, I have less and less of an idea upon how to respond.

The answer is—in most scenarios—pretty decent. I’m a front-end dev, so if my JavaScript isn’t at least decent then there’s a problem, but that particular question can be difficult to answer.

In 2013, that question could be asking me if:

  • I’m good at writing enterprise scale AJAX-based web-apps with backbone, ember, angular, JS framework du jour, etc etc,
  • I’m good at writing one page websites with all kinds of parallaxy nonsense
  • I’m good at making things slide up and down/fade in and out
  • I have a Grunt/Yeoman/Node tattoo on my bicep

Consequently, it’s a very hard question to answer – especially if/when it comes from a recruiter/traffic manager who maybe doesn’t have the greatest grasp on the specific skills needed for the job – merely that JavaScript is a requirement.

JavaScript has moved on so much in the past couple of years that it’s hard to keep track. I’d be interested to hear how other web devs are answering the ‘how’s your JavaScript?‘ question.

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