Introducing ‘Dylan’, a new WordPress theme.

This past week, I have been working hard on creating a new generic WordPress theme to be released for free to the community. This theme is called Dylan.

I was inspired to do this after seeing the recent redesign of Dustin Diaz’s website. I was immediately struck by its design and how some of its features could be taken and used in a more generic design.


Dylan is 960px wide, which means it’s big enough to fit in some pretty big pictures. It’s fixed width, which, I’m sure, some people will hate and maybe this will change in the future.

Lots of custom styles for making posts look as good as possible.

Dylan is SEO friendly, everything I’ve done on this site (bar the bits that rely on plugins) has been applied to Dylan and as such, it should get the best rankings it can.

Dylan is also, XHTML 1.0 Strict, couple with CSS that is well commented and readable. Customising is a breeze, just change the values in the customise.css file in WordPress’ Theme Editor and bam you have a completely different style.

Go get it.

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