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Mediaburst win Big Chip award for Florence

I’m delighted to announce that last month one of my clients, Mediaburst, won a Big Chip award for their Florence project.

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Thoughts on unpaid internships

On Friday, I saw a job advert from a local web design agency that made me quite annoyed.

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Office/Desk space

In November 2007, I took a job working from home and at first I absolutely loved it. Then, when I went freelance in June 2008, I started to mix working from home with working on-site in my client’s offices and gradually I’ve come to the conclusion that I dislike working from home; so much so

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The Drum’s recommended freelance guide

Last week, I was delighted to find out that I had been featured as a recommended creative freelancer in the latest issue of The Drum.

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Big Chips 2010

Last Thursday, saw the Big Chip Awards’ 2010 ceremony and this year-unlike last-I managed to find myself on stage as part of the team behind the Band on the Wall website which won Best Not for Profit Project.

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Back to school with guerilla training

This week I found myself back in the classroom learning how to make iPhone apps with some other developers.

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Reputation management

By far the biggest marketing tool you have as a freelancer is your reputation. So much so, that a good reputation can actually negate the need for any other marketing tools completely.

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Learning to love the peaks & troughs of freelancing

The one aspect of freelancing, that in nine months, I’ve yet to enjoy are the quiet periods. However, this week, I’ve resolved to start embracing those peaks and troughs that come as standard with a freelance lifestyle.

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Big Chip Awards 2009 nomination

Last week I got the news I’d been waiting weeks for – I had been nominated for a 2009 Big Chip Award.

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How low is too low when it comes to wages?

Last week, I noticed a job listing on the GeekUp Job Board. The employers were looking for a freelance web editor with "excellent writing skills" but the wage was a mere £6.25 per hour.

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5 mistakes IT Recruitment consultants make

Like a lot of people I’ve met in this industry, I’ve yet to have a positive experience with an IT Recruitment consultant. What are these Recruitment consultants doing so wrong and why do we all seem to hate them so much?

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Freelancing != more work

I’ve got to agree with Elliott Jay Stocks here, freelancing shouldn’t automatically mean lots of work. When I hear of other freelancers working silly hours, I always think, why?

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10 worst things about freelancing

Don’t get me wrong freelancing is great but there are some things that really ache about it.

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Would like to meetup

Last night saw the first ever Northern Digital meetup, at Socio Rehab in Manchester. As a rule, I don’t usually go in for networking events but there were a few people I knew attending so I opted to go along.

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Standing out from the crowd

The freelance web development marketplace can be crowded, so you have to stand out from your fellow freelancers. So last month, I decided to experiment with some new marketing strategies, in the hope of grabbing some new clients

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