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Using style guides to build better responsive websites

In the days before the mobile web took over, web designers slaved over PSDs for weeks then handed over 10-30 unique templates to a developer who went away and built them to pixel perfection. Not anymore.

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Website performance

The speed of websites is a hot topic right now with many reports saying that if a website doesn’t load in under 4 seconds then a user will click their back button.

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3 speedy tips to optimise your web images

Images are one of the biggest buzzkills for download speeds on the web. If your designer wants to use a carousel you’re potentially asking your customers to download several HUGE images and wait several seconds before they can interact with your site.

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Revisiting (and refactoring) old code

Last week, in a moment of unusual quietness on the work front I decided to go back over some old code (on some personal projects) refactoring —where possible— as I went along whilst generally feeling disgusted with myself at how awful some of that old code was.

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WordPress plugins

WordPress, is my CMS of choice for nearly all web projects (where I have a say) and over the years I’ve got to the point where I’ve written some pretty useful and generic plugins for those projects.

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It certainly seems that HTML5 is starting to take hold with more and more websites launching that make use of HTML5 but how good is it?

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Removing typographic widows in WordPress page titles

A widow in typography is the one lowly word that gets displayed on a line of its own within a heading. Typographers and designers often go nuts when they see the main headings on a website have widows so here’s an easy fix to appease them:

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PHPNW Conference 2008 Review

Last weekend, I opted not to spend time with my friends, nor did I choose to perform DIY on my (never finished) home; instead I decided to geek-out at the first ever PHPNW conference at Manchester Central.

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Creating a web app’s folder/file structure

I’m convinced that folder/file structure plays an instrumental role in ensuring a downloadable app doesn’t confuse people and is easy to install.

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How I debug CSS in IE6

I make my living as a Front-end Web Developer, which means I spend quite a bit of time making websites look as good in Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) as they do in other browsers. It isn’t rocket science and I’ve honed my technique to make bug fixing as quick and easy as possible.

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Hello Google Chrome, welcome to the internet

This week saw the launch of the internet’s newest web browser, Google Chrome and what kind of frontend developer would I be if I didn’t give it a quick review?

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Should you test your web developers before employing them?

These past few weeks, I’ve been doing some work for a new client. Prior to getting the gig, I did the all the usual things: sent my prospective email, went to meet the client, etc. However, this client, a big web agency, did something I’ve not experienced before – they gave me a programming test.

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Take 2 web apps into the shower?

Since announcing the launch of Cart45 last week, I’ve had quite a few people asking how I’ve managed to create an ecommerce app and another web app (Bean Counter) simultaneously. So here goes…

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Lessons learnt from beta testing

Last week, saw the completion of the first round of beta testing for Bean Counter. Was the beta testing a success? No, not really.

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{curly brackets} versus :colons/semi-colons; in PHP

Current and former colleagues of mine, will attest to my intense hatred of poorly written code and by poorly written code I mean code that is hard to follow.

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