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Is Sitepoint’s Web Design Business Kit worth the money?

The Web Design Business Kit by Sitepoint is lauded to give great insights into how to run a web design business.

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7 PHP functions that saved my life

From time to time, I’ve struggled with minor pieces of coding for what seems like an age and then I’ve discovered PHP has a ready-made function whose express purpose seems to be to fix my exact problem. Today, I name and honour those PHP functions which saved my life, my career and my sanity.

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RSS Feeds

This week, some good news regarding reading RSS feeds. FeedDemon (PC) and NetNewsWire (Mac) are now free.

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Is web development better on a Mac or a PC?

Two months ago, I bought an imac. The reasons for doing this were plentiful, and overall I’m happy with my experience so far, but I wanted to talk about why I switched, what’s better and what I miss about a PC. Hopefully this will be useful to anyone thinking about switching in the near future.

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