Revisiting (and refactoring) old code

Last week, in a moment of unusual quietness on the work front I decided to go back over some old code (on some personal projects) refactoring —where possible— as I went along whilst generally feeling disgusted with myself at how awful some of that old code was.

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Focussing on one service aka goodbye WordPress

Following on from last week’s post about working on-site more, another conscious decision I’ve made this year is to focus on front-end work and to do less WordPress jobs.

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Working on-site again

Recently, I’ve just completed a seven week-long project on-site at a Manchester agency; it’s the first time I’ve worked on-site in a significant amount of time.

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Harder Better Faster Stronger Review

Last night saw the inaugural `Harder Better Faster Stronger` event from Manchester Digital.

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The importance of expressing gratitude

In the very first proper web developer job I had, no-one ever said thank you to me. No ‘thanks’, ‘ta’ and certainly no ‘thank you’ from anyone… not one single person. And what a disheartening job that was.

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