It certainly seems that HTML5 is starting to take hold with more and more websites launching that make use of HTML5 but how good is it?

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Best of the web 2009

There have been some great blog posts written in 2009 and here are some of my favourites.

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Removing typographic widows in WordPress page titles

A widow in typography is the one lowly word that gets displayed on a line of its own within a heading. Typographers and designers often go nuts when they see the main headings on a website have widows so here’s an easy fix to appease them:

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Coming soon

It seems you can’t move for beautifully designed ‘Coming Soon’ pages for web apps on the interwebs these days – so for my latest project I’m getting in on this design trend.

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Back to school with guerilla training

This week I found myself back in the classroom learning how to make iPhone apps with some other developers.

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